“You couldn’t ask for a better OT.”

Jennifer helped us through a very difficult time. Our 4 year old son was dealing with sensory processing disorder which was causing some major issues in pre-school. We were told we would have to find a shadow for our son. However, after working with Jennifer for several months, Ryder was seeking far less sensory input. And found ways to satisfy those cravings without disruption and touching his fellow classmates.
Jennifer was straight forward, honest, compassionate and extremely accessible. She communicated with me in person, over the phone and by email anytime I asked (and even when I didn’t!) And she let me know when she felt her services would help, and when they did not. You couldn’t ask for a better OT. Thank you mOST!!!!

~ Joanna K. (Santa Monica, CA)

“A breath of fresh air within a busy industry.”

Jennifer and her staff have been a go-to for Occupational and Speech Therapy for many of our patients. Two things stand out about her services: her warmth, and her expertise. I have seen the children she works with improve- they make true, observable progress that serves them well in the classroom, and even impacts their success in therapy. And, the children enjoy their time with her; I believe that they sense how much she cares about them. On a professional level, she is willing to put as much time as it takes to consulting with me or my team so that we can effectively collaborate. This is a breath of fresh air within a busy industry.

~ Sarah A. Haider, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist specializing in Pediatric Anxiety
Founder and Executive Director of GamePlan Therapy, Inc.

“Our little guy always went through life head first. We were sure his first word would be, “Careful!”

​​​”Our little guy always went through life head first. We were sure his first word would be, “Careful!” because he heard it from us constantly. Still, he got more than his fair share of boo-boos. Not just bruises and skinned knees. He’d been to the ER for head staples, and knocked out a front tooth, all before the age of four. His pre-school teachers commented on his impulsive movements and lack of coordination. We consulted his pediatrician. We consulted a pediatric ophthalmologist. We consulted a pediatric neurologist. The good news? We had a healthy, active son. The bad news? We got little guidance on how to deal with his unsteadiness. Then our son’s T-K teacher told us about pediatric occupational therapy and suggested we consult Jennifer at mOST. Jennifer has taught our son how to plan his movements and approach tasks and play more safely. Observing her sessions has taught Daddy and Mommy how to more effectively coach him through potential hazards, (instead of constantly shouting, “Be careful!” and trying to catch him before he zoomed off into a tree…or a wall…or traffic). The games, crafts, activities and conversations—literally everything he gets with Jennifer from the moment we arrive—entertains him AND help hone his listening skills, gross and fine motor skills, and overall focus. He loves going to OT and spending time with Jennifer. I love watching him conquer everything from obstacle courses to alphabet games with a smile on his face!”

~ The Tucker Family (Malibu, CA)

“Jennifer Morgan is the real deal.”

“Jennifer Morgan is the real deal. She not only brings excellent technical skills to her work, she also brings passion and exuberance about the children with whom she works. Jenn’s work and mine intersected when she worked as a school based occupational therapist. I found her to be knowledgeable, professional and eager to work with the students. I do not hesitate for a moment in recommending her to provide services to any of the families I know whose children are in need of occupational therapy.”

~ Elissa Henkin, Advocate & Educational Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

“I can’t wait for Quinn to start working with Jennifer again!”

“Jennifer Morgan has been working with my 5 year old son, Quinn, for the past two years through the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. I have been so grateful that Quinn has had this opportunity to work with her as Jennifer is a wonderful, caring and highly intelligent occupational therapist. At the beginning of every session, Jennifer would greet us with a big smile and warm hug for Quinn. Quinn would immediately reciprocate with smiles and hugs right back. It was always an easy transition from mom to Jennifer as Quinn knew it was time to play with Jennifer. Little did Quinn know that Jennifer was using her OT skills to help Quinn reach his goals for his IEP, which he successfully has done with flying colors. With many thanks to Jennifer, Quinn’s fine motor skills have improved greatly over the last two years. I am very excited that Jennifer has started her own group here in Malibu! I can’t wait for Quinn to start working with Jennifer again!”

~ Candace Kelly (Malibu, CA)​​

“It was a great experience!!!”

“Jennifer is super sweet, creative, and observant. She worked with my 3-year-old son this summer on many sensory and behavioral issues. She also advocated for services that my son needed at the school district level and was extremely helpful and effective. We are happy and grateful to know her. It was a great experience!!!”

~ Joanne S. (Los Angeles, CA)