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Clinic, School & Home

Occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions are offered at home, school, or in our Malibu sensory gym. We ensure convenience & privacy.


We provide personalized, high quality and efficient pediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services in Malibu and surrounding communities.


Parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors and specialists are a part of the therapeutic process at mOST. We aim to help you incorporate techniques at home.

Sensory & Motor

At mOST, we use the whole-child approach, working with families to ensure quick progress. Utilizing sensory, motor, and developmental strategies.

Who We Are

mOST is a boutique therapy clinic providing professional, personalized, high-quality pediatric therapy services conveniently in our Malibu sensory gym, local private schools, and homes. Our goal is to create opportunities for your child to achieve independence and success as efficiently as possible, ultimately reaching their highest potential for learning, play, communication, and life skills. ​

Jennifer Morgan and her team of professionals at mOST are excited to provide occupational therapy and speech therapy to children of all ages in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Calabasas, and surrounding areas of West Los Angeles. mOST’s well trained occupational therapists and speech therapists are passionate about the services they provide, and look forward to helping you and your child thrive!

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Speech Therapy

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Parent & Teacher Training

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